• Look to Contrarian Metal Resources for an unrivaled selection of decorative stainless steel, titanium and other metals, specifically engineered for architectural applications.

    Our incredibly versatile products, including low-reflective stainless steel for roofing applications and distinctive stainless steel textures patterns and finishes ideal for curtain walls, column covers and elevators, are available in a variety of beautiful, wear-resistant textures and surface treatments, and can be fabricated to fit basically any shape for limitless design flexibility.

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Willow School

Stainless Steel Roofing with InvariMatte®

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LA High School #9

Low-Glare InvariMatte®Stainless Steel

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Photo © Tom Bonner Photography

SHW Group

Floating Conference Room with Austenite 55

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1000 Connecticut Ave.

Exterior wall panels with Starlight 2J

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Superb Consistency

Rolled-In Finishes

Non-directional, low gloss, uniformly textured stainless steel finishes.

Stunning Textures

Embossed Finishes

Unique, uniformly textured and reflective stainless steel finishes.

Anodic & Vapor Deposition

Colorized Finishes

film tints that allow the surface characteristics to remain visible.

Sustainable Metals

Titanium & Specialty Alloys

A variety of finish choices for the most demanding environments.

Stainless Steel Skin

NYPD Precinct 121

The first new police precinct on Staten Island in 50 years was designed as a gesture of community involvement with a cantilevered façade that defines the main entrance on Richmond Avenue and offers shade and shelter from rain and snow to its visitors. (Photo Courtesy of Rafael Viñoly Architects © Bruce Damonte)

InvariMatte® Stainless Steel

Police facility will be first ever expected to achieve LEED Silver Certification.

Most of the building is clad in Contrarian Metal Resources’ InvariMatte® Stainless Steel while the single story area is grey brick. The two facade treatments and varied heights serve to differentiate the features of the building. Outdoor mechanical services are concealed within the building form and integrated into an enclosure clad in InvariMatte®.

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