Vapor Deposition Colorized Finishes are stainless steel substrates finished with a thin ceramic film designed for use in architectural applications. Visually, the film serves to tint the stainless steel with a given color which allows the surface characteristics of the substrate finish to remain visible. Vapor Deposition Colorized Stainless Steel Finishes can be used in a variety of applications, including elevators, wall panels, coping and trim.

The film is produced by the deposition of ceramics, such as titanium carbonitrides in a vacuum furnace. Unlike paint coatings, the finish is not reactive to ultraviolet light. For exterior applications in marine or other more corrosive environments, Vapor Deposition products are not suitable. Vapor Deposition Colorized Finishes are suitable for applications subject to pedestrian traffic, like elevators and entryways. As always, if there is any doubt as to the suitability of our products for any given application or environment, please contact a representative.

Grade Selection
The long-term performance of Vapor Deposition Colorized Finishes is dependent on proper grade selection. In most environments, Type 304 will be sufficient to prevent corrosion. (Please refer to our Product Data Sheets for highlights of chemical analyses and properties for specific substrates and finishes.)

Pounds Per Piece
Thickness (in.) x Width (in.) x Length (in.) x .292

Available Sizes
.015 - .120" thick in widths up to 48" are available in lengths up to 157". Please contact a representative for details.

Fire Resistance
Since stainless steel is dimensionally stable up to 2000°F, Vapor Deposition Colorized Finishes provide an added measure of protection in the event of a fire.

Vapor Deposition Colorized Stainless Steel Finishes are supplied to ASTM (American Society for the Testing of Materials) commercial tolerances.

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