InvariBlend® is a two-step, abrasive polished finish with excellent matching characteristics designed for use in architectural applications. It has a more linear appearance than traditional #4 polish, lending itself to repair and blending in the field. InvariBlend® can be applied to wall panels, elevator cabs, coping and trim. Since InvariBlend® has no coatings to deteriorate, it will last indefinitely with little maintenance.

Grade Selection
The long term performance of InvariBlend® is dependent on proper grade selection. In most environments, Type 304 will be sufficient to prevent corrosion. In normal seacoast applications, Type 316 should be specified. If parts are to be welded, the low carbon versions of these grades (304L/316L) should be used. Download the complete PDF to view highlights of chemical analyses and properties (Table I). Severe environments such as seacoast atmospheres subjected to salt water spray and chemical plants will require different alloys, subject to application review.

Pounds Per Piece
Thickness (in.) x Width (in.) x Length (in.) x .292

Available Sizes
Cut lengths up to 288" are available

Typical Surface Characteristics
Ra ...................................................................... 10 - 25

Fire Resistance
Since stainless steel is dimensionally stable up to 2000°F, InvariBlend® provides an added measure of protection in the event of a fire.

InvariBlend® is supplied to ASTM (American Society for the Testing of Materials) standard commercial allowances.

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