Material Selection
Selecting the Right Product for Your Application

Stainless Steel & Titanium: Alternatives to Zinc & Copper

Zinc and copper have been used widely in construction over the last 200 years, offering better longevity than traditional metals, which rely on paint and other coatings to protect them. There are beautiful examples all over the world of these traditional high-end metals. Today, however, there are better alternatives for those who wish to create long-lasting buildings and address modern concerns about the environment – specifically global warming, energy conservation, and environmental contamination. InvariMatte® stainless steel, or titanium, address these concerns beautifully. While these newer, high-tech materials are well-suited to a modern-contemporary design aesthetic, they also look at home on historic restorations. For quick facts, go to Can Your Roof Go the Distance?

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Decorative Sheet Metal Finishes

This section provides general information about various techniques used in the creation of decorative sheet metal finishes. We include comments about the advantages and disadvantages of specifying these finishing methods for architectural metal applications. 

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Materials Selection Videos

When properly specified, fabricated and installed, architectural metals from Contrarian Micro Textures, by Rigidized® Metals Corporation, will last indefinitely with little maintenance in all but the most severe environments. Learn more about the superior durability, sustainability, energy savings, heat island mitigation, impressive recycling statistics and other environmental benefits by watching our Materials Selection Videos!

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